Story Behind

It all started four years ago when Ai Fang went to Kazanlak in search of ingredients for her Coohé Rose sheet mask.

She visited a rose farm during harvest season and participated in the local rose-picking. The fresh rose petals were handpicked early in the morning to preserve their delicate scent. Rose cultivation requires hard work and patience.

It was amazing to see the whole process from flower to the distillation of rose water and the extraction of rose oil. Ai was so impressed by the skin care benefits of rose fragrance that she decided to work on a whole series of beauty products enriched with both rose water and essential rose oil.

Creating this new rose range has been an amazing journey. It started as a passion and developed into an obsession as I discovered new depths of beauty and healing properties of rose flowers. Through this journey, Ai has gained a deep understanding of a holistic approach to health that includes the body, mind, and skin.

We believe that natural, uncomplicated ingredients are the key to healthier, more balanced, and radiant skin. That's why we create products that help you achieve simple, clean, and natural beauty while feeling good! We are focused on looking better, feeling better, and experiencing more joy and happiness in life.

Join us on this exciting journey to discover the beauty and wonders of roses. We invite you to experience the joy of exploring these amazing flowers with us and discover the true power of natural skin care!