COOHE's story begins with its founder, Ai Fang, a passionate skincare therapist with deep Asian roots. Growing up in a family deeply immersed in herbal traditions, Ai's fascination with herbs and their role in health and beauty began at a young age.

Her personal experiences dealing with skin challenges due to the climate shift from Asia to Scandinavia further ignited Ai Fang's desire to create COOHE. The concept behind COOHE is to develop a skincare range that is pure, natural, gentle, and, at the same time, deeply values skin health, the environment, and sustainability.

COOHE draws inspiration from the rich traditions of holistic well-being in Chinese culture and the Scandinavian beauty philosophy that emphasizes quality, simplicity, and sustainability. Our goal extends beyond promoting healthy and beautiful skin; we aim to provide a "feel-good" experience that touches the soul, helping you discover inner harmony and well-being.

The brand name COOHE is derived from the English word "COORDINATION" and Chinese word "HE " as Harmony. It symbolizes the harmonious fusion of our body and mind balance, representing the ancient Chinese wisdom and modern Scandinavian skincare principles. COOHE serves as a bridge between cultures and a celebration of the beauty found in diversity.