The concept behind Ritual Universe is about rediscovering the holistic healing power of nature, enabling us to find balance and vitality in our everyday lives through aromatherapy.

'MOMENT' is our brand-new series of essential oils for aromatherapy, reflecting our dedication to creating products that not only promote beauty care and holistic well-being but also enhance your daily rituals.

Each blend of essential oil is carefully and skillfully crafted by a professional French perfumer to provide a unique sensory experience, thoughtfully designed to improve your moments of self-care and tranquility.

Through collaboration with our partners, Coohe selects a range of delightful products that align perfectly with COOHE's core values in skincare, well-being, quality, and mindfulness.

We are delighted to announce our partnership with MAILA HOME, a unique multi-brand in the field of home decor from China. MAILA HOME aims to revive emotional connections to nature through scents, craftsmanship, and the restoration of the relationship between people and nature. They strive to promote an interactive relationship between individuals and nature while harnessing the calming power of the natural world.